Water E-Eco-Guide   

Water gathering grounds, which lie chiefly in the country parks, where stringently monitored to safeguard the source of drinking water for the Hong Kong public. Let us trek up these routes, be impressed by the magnificent sceneries, vibrant ecology, as well as the century-old waterworks.

Grab your map, follow our Water E-Eco Guide and enjoy the scenic excursions!

Shing Mun Reservoir

 Route 1: Shing Mun 101 – Classic Landmarks Course
 Route 2: Shing Mun Butterflies – Watching Checklist
 Route 3: Shing Mun Wonders – The Yesteryear Tales
 Route 4: Shing Mun Ramble – Traversing The Ridges

Tai Tam Group of Reservoirs

 Route 1: Bird Watching x History
 Route 2: Survey of Tai Tam Characteristics Plants
 Route 3: Night Adventure to the Water Catchment
 Route 4: Ride on the Dragon's Back


 Route 1: Exploring Last Century's Masterworks
 Route 2: Looking for Flower Fairies
 Route 3: Living Works of Time
 Route 4: Mapping Special Plants