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Water Gathering Grounds – Wildlife Treasure Trove

Around 1/3 of land in Hong Kong is designated as "Water Gathering Grounds". Sustaining the quality of water resources requires the cleanliness of the entire Water Gathering Ground. Therefore, the journey of rainwater, which flows from the valley to the reservoir, has to be well protected in a high cleanliness level.

In Hong Kong, most of the rainwater collecting areas are designated as "country parks" in order to secure the quality of water resources. Country parks are legally protected from incompatible developments and activities, creating countless of vibrant habitats that work wonders for improving water quality and stabilising water volume, to house the myriad of wildlife species. In a nutshell, water and ecology shares the mutual benefit with each other.

Taking a step forward to promote the ecology of Water Gathering Grounds, "Jockey Club – Fluvial Liveliness of Water Gathering Grounds" (JC-FLOW) takes the lead in exploring the wildlife treasure trove. The project provides educational support and communication platforms between secondary schools, public and the authorities. We aim at drawing attention to the conservation work of water and ecology in the Water Gathering Grounds.